With the luster of fall fading away and the days growing darker and shorter, winter is surely on its way. Before the cold months ahead arrive, it is time to start bracing for winter’s two faithful companions: snow and ice. Festive and enjoyable at first, snow and ice can cause their fair share of accidents and they always overstay their welcome. Being both bothersome as well as hazardous, it is imperative that we take steps to reduce the impact that snow and ice can bring. No doubt we will soon be doing everything we can to keep our roads, walkways, and other high-traffic locations free from icy accidents like slips and falls. Tactical Land Care is here to help you make the right informed decisions for your property.

Unfortunately, the methods used by most Americans for removing snow and ice can take quite a toll on the environment. Gas-powered blowers pollute our atmosphere with noxious gases while salt-based snow removers corrode automobiles and infrastructure while jeopardizing the health of children, pets, and plants. As our insight and technology progress, it is time we move away from these outdated and harmful practices and embrace cutting-edge opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint and mitigate the effects of climate change.

Often quieter and lighter than their gas-chugging alternatives, electric snow blowers are becoming more commonplace as consumers become more conscious of their carbon emissions. While ideal for lowering both gas and noise pollution, many people prefer to use gas-powered over electric simply because of their ability to move larger, heavier snow drifts without the hindrance of an electric chord or recharging of batteries. If gas-powered snow drifts are the preferred option, be sure to choose a two-stage, four stroke engine over a single-stage, two stroke engine as it is more efficient on gas usage.

Despite a long history of use, salt-based ice removers are being phased out by many consumers, businesses, and municipalities as we are becoming more and more aware of the dangers that follow. While the most traditional option, sodium chloride can degrade metal and concrete rapidly over time while also dehydrating pets. Though safer on infrastructure, calcium salts pose a much larger risk to animals and small children as they can cause a range of serious health problems. While safer on infrastructure, pets, and kids, a third option, urea, can cause serious issues in plants. Some property owners opt out of chemical options entirely and rely on home remedies like coffee grounds, sand, and ash as they help increase traction while also being easy to source and more gentle on our ecosystem. Clearly, there is no silver bullet for snow and ice remover. However, the right landscaping company can ensure that every precaution is taken into consideration.

Tactical Land Care is aware of every factor when developing a personalized snow and ice removal plan for your property. With high-powered, state of the art electronic equipment, you can rest easy and warm inside from the cold while your property is cleared both quietly and consciously. Our company vows to ensure the safety of your family, pets, and plants because of our commitment to using the most environmentally-conscious products to remove snow and ice from your property. Our winter weather experts will help you find the tactical solutions to tackle your seasonal needs. We work to guarantee your property is as safe as possible by complying with Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA) best practices. Our jobs are held to the highest scientific standards so you can get snowed in this winter and rest easy around the fire knowing that your property is safe, sound, and getting some TLC!