Tactical Land Care is committed to sustainability, resilience, and quality. TLC and our design studio, TLC Design Co specializes in conservation landscaping, stormwater management solutions, including permeable hardscape and rain gardens.

We understand and value the importance of sustainability and innovation.By working together, we can maximize the ecological benefit of your property. 



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We Have the Power to Impact Our Future, and We’re Doing Something About It.

TLC’s mission is to protect the world by caring for the land.  Our team strives to maximize the ecological benefit of our client properties. We achieve this by following conservation landscape and stormwater management installations designed using best management practices (BMPs). We specialize in permeable hardscape installations, rain gardens, stormwater retention basins, including dry-wells, native plantings, and other high ecological functioning plants, shrubs, and trees. 


We specialize in permeable hardscape that ensure you are able to enjoy your outdoor space.  Hardscapes include patios, decks, gravel areas, and driveways. 


Our horticulturalist love the opportunity to install plants, trees, and shrubs that fit the ethos: right plant, right place. Our experts analyze light, soil, and water conditions to ensure your planting thrives. 

concierge gardening

Our Master Gardener service pairs our specialists with clients to help them achieve their gardening goals. This service also includes specialty plantings that maximize beauty and longevity of annual plantings. 

Wildlife Preservation

Our team focuses on maximizing the ecological benefit of your property. This includes installing plantings that support pollinators. We also install bee houses and help identify flora that encourages and supports healthy ecology. 

Renewable energy

We are in the process of developing the capability of providing our clients with Solar renewable energy solutions. 




Delivering Services Year-Round

Lawn Design


Our design team specializes in bringing your goals for your space to life while maximizing its ecological benefit and environmental resilience. We utilize Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professional (CBLP) and National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) standards to help clients achieve their goals, while meeting standards set by local governments, including Eco-City, RiverSmart, and Stormwater Wise.

Lawn Build


Our team loves the opportunity to install your softscape and hardscape improvements. We specialize in Green Building and LEED-certified products and build permeable hardscapes and eco-conscious drainage solutions. Each project is assigned a project manager that understands your priorities while serving as a primary point of contact to proactively manage and variables that we may face. This process begins with a consultation. 

Lawn Maintain


We offer net-zero recurring maintenance services as part of our annual maintenance agreements. Our services utilize battery-operated equipment that is charged using solar panels and other renewable sources. Scheduling can include weekly and bi-weekly hardscape maintenance, mowing and lawn care services that include aeration, overseeding, dethatching, and organic fertilization. We also provide shrub hedging and tree trimming services for your landscape.

snow removal

Sustainable Snow Removal

We provide 24/7 snow removal and de-icing services for our residential and commercial snow removal clients. We strive to use Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA) best practices to ensure environmentally responsible de-icing treatments and snow removal. We avoid using rock-salt and instead utilize pet-friendly and eco-friendly blends that can improve passability and traction during and after winter weather.


“The front lines of the battle for nature are not in the Amazon rain forest or the Alaskan wilderness; the front lines are in our backyards, medians, parking lots, and elementary schools. The ecological warriors of the future (will be)…anyone who can influence a small patch of land.”

- Thomas Rainer

Author , "Planting in a Post-wild World"


Environmentally Responsible

We use every opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint by utilizing sustainably-powered, battery-operated equipment whenever possible.


We strive to minimize our use of trailers to ensure that our trucks to maximize miles per gallon (MPG) and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


We’ll work with you to schedule a time that is convenient and we will be in and out of your yard quick! We’ve invested in the best equipment to make this possible.

Respectful & Considerate

How many times have you had an unpleasant experience with a contractor or landscape company? We’ve had our fair share and ensure that our customers never have to experience anything like that with us.

Paperless Billing

Why use paper when you don’t need to? We use paperless billing to keep things easy and keep trees doing what trees do best!

Simple Pricing

We rely on a simple pricing structure, which is easy to understand and avoid complication.

Why work with us ?

It’s Simple: We’re Mission-Driven

Our World. Our Mission.

Who We Are

Our World. Our Mission.

Tactical Land Care TLC takes great pride in its mission to protect the world by caring got the land. In the face of climate change and the increasing intensity of storms, responsible and resilient landscapes have never been as critically important. We embrace community values, and we stand behind the work we do. From beginning to end, we will present options for maximizing your property’s environmental benefit potential, while being transparent about labor and materials required to square it away. 

Why Choose Us


Tactical Land Care is committed to providing our clients high-value, top-quality service. We guarantee our services and stand behind the work we do. With a long history of beautifying properties, the many trusted relationships we’ve built have only been possible by consistently delivering excellence: building your vision of beautiful outdoor living while maximizing your property’s climate fighting capabilities.

Trained and experienced landscapers

We’re able to provide an inspiring setting for your home by implementing industry best management practices (BMP) at every stage. We invest in the best training to build upon the experience of our team members and to ensure top-level results with our top-level people.

Technologically Advanced Techniques

We use technology to provide a high level of service while keeping costs low. All of our vehicles have tracking devices in them, which help our maintenance crews stay on schedule, encourage safe driving, and allow us to keep accurate records of our services.

Fully Licensed & Insured

We meet or exceed all insurance and licensing requirements for landscaping companies in the locations that we serve. We carry both General Liability and Worker’s Compensation insurance, so you can feel completely confident working with us.

Fully Licensed & Insured Expert Consultations

We offer expert consultations for landscape optimization. If you are interested in rendering, we would love to put you in touch with one of our expert designers.

Our Affiliates

  • Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professionals (CBLP)
  • National Association of Landscape Professional (NALP)
  • VA-Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)
  • Maryland Home Improvement Commission (MHIC)
  • Project Management Institute (PMI)
  • US Green Building Council  (USGBC)
  • New City Landscapes
  • Bin There Dump That (BTDT)
  • Waste Management
  • Badger
  • Bartlett Trees
  • Chesapeake Bay Foundation
  • Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay
  • Riverkeepers Network
  • Animal Welfare League of Alexandria
  • Interlocking Concrete Paver Institute (ICPI)
  • National Concrete and Masonry Association (NCMA)
  • American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (ARCSA)