TLC Design Professionals love the opportunity to create a beautiful plan for your property. We specialize in conservation landscaping and stormwater management. We also consult on urban and suburban properties, which include residential homes, homeowner associations, commercial properties, churches, and schools.

When engaging TLC, our work will generally begin in one of two ways:

1. An online estimate for Sustainable Landscape Service.

These services may include cleanups or other regular maintenance. We will request that you submit information regarding your goals as well as pictures of all of the areas that you would like addressed. We will then create a custom estimate for you based on the estimated time and materials required to address those areas. Once approved, we will process the deposit generally equal to 1/3 of the total project in order to schedule your work.

2. A scheduled consultation for Specialty design or installation projects.

On projects or clean-ups that require multiple days of work, we will begin by scheduling an on-site consultation. Over the course of a 1-hour consultation, a TLC Professional may answer questions, take necessary measurements, brainstorm ideas, and gain a better understanding of your goals, all the while he or she is developing custom strategies to promoting and maximizing the sustainability and ecological benefit that your property may have. After the consultation, our team members will follow up with the next steps, which depending upon the scope of the project, may include materials, example images, recommendations, and more formal scopes for projects. Depending on the complexity of the projects, the TLC Professional may recommend a formal Project Management Plan, which will be discussed.

Onsite Consultations are an opportunity to gain expert feedback or oversight during the sustainable design or installation project. Through this process, you may also discuss responsible maintenance of finished projects.